The 5 Secrets to Cooking with Spices

The 5 Secrets to Cooking with Spices

Posted on: Jun 10, 2021

Our customers are always asking what the secret is to cooking with spices. And the first thing we want to say is there is not just one, overall, best-kept secret...

But five! 

There is so much mystery surrounding cooking with spice, and we are here to change all of that! Because, there is no doubt that knowing the secrets to getting the most out of your spices will greatly enhance the flavour of your dishes. Spices literally bring your dishes to life. 


We want EVERYONE to have the opportunity to experience the joy of cooking with spices. They can bring your dishes to life and elevate even the most humble ingredients in no time at all. 

So... without further ado... 

Here are our founder Sanjay’s 5 secrets to cooking with spices.

Secret #1 to cooking with spices...

It is a LOT easier than you think! 

Great news eh? 

Don't be put off by hundreds of spices and over-complicated recipes. 

As we've already mentioned, there is often a big mystery around cooking with spices, and it is sad to see that it puts people off having a go, so we want to encourage you to give it a try and have some fun with it.

Our traditional Indian Spice Tin (or Masala Dabba Spice Box to those in the know!) will guide you through. It has all the essential spices you may need to make nearly every Indian curry, taking away the massive shopping list and having to hunt them down in the supermarket, which can often be overwhelming if you have never come across them before. 

Secret #2 to cooking with spices:

Roasting and Tempering is KEY to transforming your dishes

It is crucial that you either temper or roast your spices to transform their flavour and improve your meals. This is a step which shouldn't be missed, so if it’s stated in the recipe, make sure you follow every instruction! 

Toasting your whole spices at the start of your cooking isn’t just a fun thing to do, it’s 100% essential to the success of your dish. This is because the frying releases the essential oils locked into the spice, which won’t get released in the usual cooking process. You are missing out on some serious flavour if you skip this step. 

You won't be sorry you put in the extra effort. Pinky promise! 

Tempering involves letting your spices sizzle in hot oil for about 30 seconds right at the start of your cooking. It can take a bit of practice to get it right and definitely take extra care not to burn them. We suggest you keep a watchful eye over the tempering process and don't try and do two things at once! Burnt spices don't equal good flavour. 

Secret #3 to cooking with spices: 

Take your time!

Although cooking with spice does not need to take all day, your dishes will be even more delicious should you allow the flavours time to develop. 

Some spices such as cumin, turmeric and coriander are quite pungent in taste and can therefore leave your dishes tasting a little metallic. The trick is to use them earlier on in the cooking rather than add at the end so that their flavours have time to develop. 

So, by simmering your dish in a pan for that little bit longer will only make everything taste better. 

Secret #4 to cooking with spices:

Spices can be condiments too

From a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat. 

Spices can also be used as condiments as well as in your cooking. So if you want to turn up the heat simply add a sprinkle of chilli on top or a pinch of paprika to your favourite dish for an extra kick. 

Secret #5 to cooking with spices:

The BEST meals always have spice

So experiment and have fun. Cooking with spices can enhance the colour of your dishes, introducing depth and excitement to your plate. 

And remember, spices can take you around the world without having to leave your kitchen.

And that's why we love them! 

Spices will take you on a culinary journey around the world without having to leave the comfort of your own home, making our Spice Tins ideal for gift giving, as they will help you find that all the best meals involve some sort of spice. 

We are here to ensure you never cook a bland meal again! 

We want to hear from you! 

We love to hear from our customers: if you have any spice-secrets, we would love to hear them. Come and join our amazing Facebook Community Group and share your tips, recipes and gorgeous creations. 

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