Spice Kitchen Private Spice Masterclass & Cookery Lesson


I am pleased to offer you a private spice masterclass in the North West, either in the comfort of your own home or at my house in Widnes, Cheshire close to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. 

Spice and exploration have long gone hand-in-hand – spurring trade, decade-long colonial wars and even the discovery of the Americas – and now you can embark on an exotic culinary journey of your own. 

The class will entail:

  • Spice taste and smell masterclass - get to know your spices and spice blends. We will taste a whole range of whole dry spices to give you a detailed understanding of their flavours and the impact they will have on your dishes. 
  • Cookery lesson - I always try to create bespoke lessons around your tastes and what you like to cook. You can select from a range of meat or vegetarian dishes in advance from a range of cuisines including Indian, Moroccan, Persian, Africa and Asian dishes. Free reign to mix and match. 
  • Examples include various Indian Curries (authentic and British Curry House style), Beef Rendang (Malaysia), Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Tagine (Morocco), Red Lentil / Tarka Daal (India) and Beef Shakshuka (Tunisia) 
  • Indian Cookery Lesson: Keema (lamb and pea mince curry), chicken curry, pilau rice, naan breads, chapatis, tarka daal, tamarind chutney, coriander chutney, vegetable pakora
  • Learn the art of marinating meat with spices, for the oven or the BBQ 
  • Spices and spice tins will be available for purchase at the end
  • Max 4 per group. 

All equipment will be provided including ingredients, aprons and spices.

Class will run for approximately 3 hours with extra time for eating!