Our Sale or Return Offer

Sale or Return

The exciting bit

We offer Sale or Return to all our stockists. Are we crazy? Not really… Let us explain. 

  • Our tins fly. We know this. But this offer hopefully proves it!
  • We want a relationship with you. Long term. Better than you have ever had before. Put simply, we are not about one night stands
  • We want to encourage you to try our lovely products, especially if you have never sold food gifts before. If you don’t try you’ll never know…
  • Food gift sales are increasing all the time: it's why we have grown year on year for the past 10 years. Let us help you do the same. 
  • We get that retail can be hard, so we are removing the risk to you. Sanjay knows this from first-hand experience. Our sale or return offer aims to remove that risk and support you.
  • We will always exchange or credit any spice tins that go close or beyond their best before date 
  • You NEVER have to worry about shelf life. We will always send you fresh spices to replace any that go close to the best before date.
  • Lots of retailers are losing out on last minute festive sales. We REALLY want you to keep high stock levels all the way up to Christmas. If you don’t want to list our tins outside of this period then simply return them for a full refund

The boring bit: Conditions for Sale or Return 

  • Sale or Return is for the spice tins only
  • First invoices must be paid pro forma and all subsequent invoices within 30 days, late payment will void this offer
  • Spice tins must be returned in a resalable condition
  • Return shipping must be organised and paid for by the buyers expense
  • We will exchange spice tins for a line that works better for you, apply a full credit or refund with bank details
  • We currently have no definitive timescales for returns, but we would expect retailers to try our products for at least 6 months

Want to know more? Check out our Trade Catalogue online here.

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