“I approached Spice Kitchen about a collaboration because the passion for championing excellent quality spices is at the heart of what both of our businesses believe in. The desire to encourage the creation of beautifully spiced dishes with hand blended spices is just one of our shared values. The team at Spice Kitchen are great and the service is second to none, which also reflects how we do business at The Cookalong Company”

— Raheel Mirza

Blends & Cookbooks

Download Raheel's World Record Breaking Butter Chicken Recipe.

A great recipe to use with raheel's & our partnership blend of spices! make sure you download and purchase our signature blend!

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Cookery Classes

Now a Guinness World Record holder and star of Masterchef UK, Raheel Mirza combines his love of cooking and his natural ability to train people by creating truly unique and interactive experiences for his fans and clients.


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