Edible Flower Ice Cubes 
Mamma Spice

Edible Flower Ice Cubes 

Up your beverage game this autumn by gathering in any remaining flowers from your garden and making the most beautiful ice cubes ever. 

These pretty cubes are perfect when you want to dress up your cocktails, lemonade, soda or even plain water!

Mamma Spice always gathers in the remaining wildflowers from her garden at the start of autumn and makes a batch of these gorgeous ice cubes. Meaning she can always add a burst of flowery beauty to a dark evening or a cold winter’s day! 

Mamma Spice Top Tip: Boiling your filtered water will make crystal clear ice cubes, meaning you will be able to see the detail of your gorgeous flower petals. Just make sure you allow the water to cool completely before adding any flowers, as you don’t want to burn or discolour the delicate petals.


These little beauties will impress your friends and brings even the most boring drink to life! 

Make time

1 hour 

You will need

  • A silicone ice cube tray 
  • Pan for boiling your filtered water 


  • Filtered tap water 
  • Edible flowers from your garden, washed and pesticide-free if possible 


  • Boil your filtered water in a pan and then allow it to cool completely 
  • Wash and dry your flower petals using fresh kitchen paper  
  • Fill the bottom of each compartment of your ice cube tray with water 
  • Pop one of your flowers into each compartment and then freeze until completely firm 
  • Once firm, fill up each compartment to two thirds full and add in another flower 
  • Repeat the process of freezing until firm, then filling up the tray to the top with more water, but no flower this time
  • Your beautiful floral cubes will keep until you are ready to use them 

You can, of course, make ice cubes with herbs such as mint, rosemary, lavender and thyme using the same method as above. 

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