A Reuben-esque!

A Reuben-esque!

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The only real work here is in making your slaw – the rest is just assembly! The slaw dressing is based on the Russian dressing that is usually spread thickly on a classic reuben, but this has its roots in a big sharing style sub too.

Serves 2



2 carrots

¼ head white cabbage

2 tbsp cider vinegar

Pinch salt


1 tbsp ketchup

3 tbsp mayonnaise

2 tsp pickle juice from the jar of pickled cucumbers 

½ tsp Worcestershire sauce

1tsp Harissa blend 

The rest:-

One baguette (fresh or bake at home)

100g-300g sliced pastrami (this is very much down to taste)

A jar of sliced pickled cucumbers

125g grated Monterey Jack cheese (Red Leicester will work too)



Slice the carrots into a fine julienne, and finely shred the cabbage. Put in a bowl with the vinegar and salt, and give them a good squeeze with your hands, until the cabbage feels a little softer. Set aside for ten minutes while you work on the rest of the sandwich.

If your baguette needs time in the oven, pop it in (follow the instructions on the packet). 

Once its done, switch your oven to grill (or turn the grill on if youre baguette hasnt needed baking.

Whisk together all dressing ingredients, taste and adjust the seasoning if you want more heat (harissa) or sweetness (pickle juice) and set aside.

Once the cabbage and carrot have had their time, squeeze them very well over the sink. The salt will have drawn water out, and you dont want your sandwich to be soggy, so keep squeezing until theyre noticeably drier. Stir them through the dressing.

Finally, assemble the sandwich. Slice the baguette along one side, and pull it open. Layer in the pastrami and then sprinkle the cheese over the top. Transfer to the oven until the cheese has melted.

Top with as many pickles as you fancy, then add a generous layer of the slaw.

Bring the whole baguette to the table, and slice into portions.

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