We are Gift of the Year 2022 Winners!!

We are Gift of the Year 2022 Winners!!

Posted on: May 30, 2022

So, it's official! Our Indian Tin with Sari Wrap is a Gift of the Year 2022 Winner in the Food and Drink Category. 

Literally. On. Cloud. Nine. 

Some of you may remember we won this award back in 2015, and so to get it again is super exciting. We had a great night at the awards ceremony, meeting loads of new people and catching up with small business friends. 

It's the icing on the cake, in terms of what has been an incredible few weeks for us. 

Thanks to everyone who voted for us and who has supported us along the way, it means the world to us and me and mum will make sure we keep pushing ourselves to be the best we can be for all of you lovely people :) 

Sanjay x 

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