Making our ancestors proud

Making our ancestors proud

Posted on: Sep 18, 2020

Here at Spice Kitchen, we LOVE spices. We love cooking with and learning about spices. But most importantly, selecting the finest quality ingredients to share with you.

My mum Shashi is the inspiration for our family-run business, and it is her deep-rooted knowledge of cooking with spices that underpins everything we do here.

As I've got older, I've realised more and more the importance of capturing this knowledge and passing it through the generations. It's partly the reason we set up Spice Kitchen, and indeed the inspiration for our Baby Spice Kitchen range of products. By introducing my daughter to the spices of my heritage and encouraging her to try new things, I realised other parents might wish to do the same.

It's also the reason that right now, my family and I have decided to bring my family together to collate our history and record the dishes of our heritage. We have grandmothers, mothers and aunts who hold the secrets to specific recipes that no one else knows how to cook. I can't wait to take this journey and see where it leads. I'm sure there will be stories, laughter and maybe even some tears.

I've learned from cooking with mum that to create incredible food, we must have the best ingredients and we must know how to use them properly. But more importantly, we must cook with love.

For some inspiration and recipe ideas for the younger palette, head on over to our Baby Spice Kitchen recipe section where we are uploading some gorgeous dishes for babies and toddlers that adults can also enjoy! 

Wishing you a weekend of love, laughter and of course, awesome food.

Sanjay x

Chief Spice Officer
Spice Kitchen UK

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