Contract Spice Packing

February 13, 2017

Contract Spice Packing

One thing I never thought of when I started Spice Kitchen was that we would be asked to make spice blends and pack them for other companies. But how wrong was I! Having now completed a number of contracts for UK companies we are now becoming one of the leading hand packers of spices and teas for various corporate gifts and businesses with a need in this space. 

We have just completed one of our largest contracts to date for a well known kitchen appliance manufacturer, who asked us to contract pack 7200 pots of spices (mainly whole spices) into sets of 9 pots, making a total of 800 sets. We worked closely with their marketing and design teams to develop a suitable product along with some stunning stand out labelling. After this we sourced the best quality raw spices and hand labelled and hand packed all the spices. We found and worked closely with a reliable manufacturer in China to produce some clear outer gift packaging to house the pots. We then worked tirelessly over a 2 week period and we were really pleased to complete the whole contract ahead of schedule. 

Contract packing is really a matter of spinning plates, managing the clients expectations with what is achievable within a given timescale for a small business like us. Its also very much about managing a tough workload and all round hard work! As always we never compromise on quality and we were really very happy with the finished products. 

 Contract Spice Packing



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