A BIG DEAL! We are writing a cookbook!!

A BIG DEAL! We are writing a cookbook!!

Posted on: Mar 16, 2022

OK, so, the time has come to share some really exciting news. Today, I travelled down to London to meet with the publisher of the cookbook we are going to be writing this year!!!

Since we started Spice Kitchen, we’ve always been asked for recipes. We developed our website very early on and put them online, and then in the last couple of years we created recipe guides to go with every tin.

However in the last 6 months we’ve been approached by publishers which has crazily led to a book deal!

So… we have been immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of publishing and amazingly today we start our 12 month journey of writing our own cookbook which will be released early 2023 😊.

Can’t. Actually. Believe it.

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