What the hell is a Masala Dabba?

What the hell is a Masala Dabba?

Posted on: Feb 19, 2015

So last time at the Spice Kitchen Blog we looked at the best recipe for the most perfect Masala Chai Tea, this week we are continuing with the masala theme although this time we are looking at masala dabbas.

First of all, you may wonder what a Masala Dabba actually is; simply put it is a traditional Indian stainless steel spice box made up of a round stainless steel tin, 7 smaller round pots, a lid and a spice spoon.  

What Is Masala Dabba?

Anyone who is passionate about Indian cooking will now that having one of these simple tins will have you well on the way to creating some delicious recipes at home. This is because it helps you with one of the key elements of Indian cooking; that is timing. You will find, if you follow recipes that it always begins with heating the oil up an optimum temperature before you start to add your different spices and seeds.

After all, you want that satisfying noise of seeds popping and sizzling as you start to create your masterpiece.

So how do you use a masala dabba? You should think of it as your one stop shop for spices, ready and waiting to be used when you are in the midst of your culinary creation! 


What Spices Go In a Masala Dabba?

The ideal starter kit should include some of the staples of Indian cooking;

Most spices, especially those that are ground are known to lose their flavour and aroma quickly. With this in mind, having small amounts stored in the masala dabba means that they will stay fresh whilst you can keep the rest of the spices tucked away in airtight containers hidden away in the cupboard. You won’t have to keep opening these air-tight containers every time you need a pinch of cumin keeping your spices fresher for longer.

At the Spice Kitchen we really love the humble masala dabba; not only is a great place to display the delicious and aromatic spices you have bought from us, but it is also a fun and functional piece to add to your kitchen.

Masala Dabba Spice Box

So don’t ever hunt around for your spices again, place them in your very own masala dabba and you can be sure to have them to hand just when you need them. We are pleased to tell you (if you didn't already know) that Spice Kitchen sells Masala Dabba's with all the spices included, and Mrs A. even handmakes silk covers for them! Buy one now for £24.95 here or £29.95 with a silk cover here


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