53cm 5mm wide Square Kebab Skewers for BBQ or Tandoor

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Stainless steel catering grade kebab and barbecue skewers, Spice Kitchen kebab and barbecue skewers are easy to cook with and clean.
  • PERFECT FOR GRILLING: 53cm long - 8mm wide and with a sturdy, square skewer blade design.
  • DESIGNED FOR KEEN COOKS AND CHEFS: Wooden handles to prevent heat transfer when cooking which helps to protect your hands, there is no slip when cooking as our square skewer design enables even grilling of all food when turning.
  • BARBECUE AND KEBAB SKEWERS: Our Spice Kitchen stainless steel skewers are perfect for grilling vegetables, meats, mixed kebabs and barbecue food both over an open grill, in the kitchen or for outdoor barbecue cooking.
  • BROUGHT TO YOU BY COOKING EXPERTS: Spice Kitchen artisan spice, ingredient and cooking experts with a family passion for cooking and ingredients which spans generations. We've applied our experience with stainless steel spice tins to our superb quality kebab and grilling skewers, in a range of sizes and specifications to meet the needs of the keen home cook.

Equally at home in the kitchen or over a flame grill or barbecue, our Spice Kitchen kebab skewers have been carefully designed to deal with everything you need when cooking vegetable or meat kebabs.

Featuring a wooden handle for comfortable grip and use when grilling, our stainless steel skewers have been designed with a square skewer shape. This means that turning food to ensure even grilling on all sides has never been easier.

Our skewers are ideal for kebabs on the BBQ, but as well as being at home on a Weber, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe or CosmoGrill barbecue our skewers are perfect for use in the kitchen as well.

An essential item for keen BBQ and grill fans, our skewers are available in a pack of 5 and the premium stainless steel construction means that long-lasting use comes as standard.

  • 53cm in length (total) with a 13 cm wooden handle
  • Made of stainless steel therefore rust free
  • Made to last (we have used our set for over 10 years and counting!)
  • With a square design they allow you to quarter turn the skewer allowing for an even cook on all your foods
  • They also ensure that your food is cooked throughout and does not drop through the bars in the BBQ
  • Ideal for kebabs, meat and also vegetables


Our story

What started as a discussion over the kitchen table has developed into a thriving small business that has never lost touch with its roots. Our expertise and knowledge with spices and blends are the foundation on which everything else is built. Generations of cooking experience and a love of cooking.  Our barbecue and kebab skewers are made from premium stainless-steel imported from India. Our products are used by top chefs, caterers and restaurateurs and our cooking skewers are ideal for grilling and BBQ. Our spice collections include premium Indian spices, Middle Eastern spices and many more.  Founders Sanjay and Shashi share the goal of honouring their Indian heritage. Sanjay says “Family and mealtimes are an integral part of our culture, bringing people together and forging greater family bonds. We hope to inspire people to cook together with their families, making mealtimes special.”

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Help end food poverty in the UK and India. 

Spice Kitchen is delighted to be partnering with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, who are doing incredible work in helping to feed school children in India, as well as those affected by homelessness in the UK. 

When you buy a Spice Kitchen spice tin or set, we will donate a % of the money to help fight malnourishment and end the poverty cycle forever.  

Find out more about the incredible work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at www.tapf.org.uk

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