Sargol Saffron (Iranian)

Saffron is the dried stigma of Crocus sativus, an autumn-flowering plant. More than 75,000 crocus blossoms are needed to produce a pound of saffron. It is very expensive but, fortunately, a little goes a long way. It adds a rich golden colour to rice dishes. Saffron is sold as the whole stigmas, wiry strands or threads in a deep vibrant, orange or red colour. It should have a strong, penetrating, clinging aroma, and an aromatic, warm rich flavour.

Saffron supplies the characteristic flavour and colour in Indian dessert sauces and milk puddings. Steep the stigmas in water for a few minutes before using them to extract as much as possible of their flavour.

We only supply the highest quality Iranian saffron from our very good contacts in Iran. Iran produces 90% of the world's saffron and it is world renowned for being the best and highest quality. 

We source saffron direct from our Iranian supplier and you can be guaranteed there are no additives. 

Our saffron is what is known as Sargol Saffron. It has a deep rich red colour with no white or orange tips as found in Spanish Saffron. The whit tips are the other end of the stamen and hold no aroma or flavour. 

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