Professional Flat Kebab Skewers - 58cm long / 14mm wide

Are you tired of using cheap bamboo skewers when BBQing? Sick of your burning your fingers on cheap metal skewers? I am the leading supplier of high quality skewers, used in all the top restaurants, by catering companies, kebab shops and people who like to BBQ!

• 58 cm in length (total), 14mm wide
• Made of stainless steel (rust free)
• Made to last (I have used my set for over 10 years and counting)
• Flat wide design, ideal for kebabs, skewering meat, kabab koobideh, kobeda
• Ideal for BBQs, they also ensure that your food is cooked throughout and does not drop through the bars in the BBQ.
• Can supply in any number (see other items for singles and lots of 10), bulk and discounts will be applied (25+) and collection can be arranged also.
• Ideal for kebabs, meat and also vegetables (I skewer sausages always as they then cook through)

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