Penja Peppercorns 50g

Spice Kitchen Penja Pepper is a black peppercorn that comes from Penja in the Cameroon, Africa.  The Penja Valley is a great place for horticulture, a remote valley with only 30,000 people living there.  The terroir is a fertile volcanic soil and the climate is ideal for tropical plants, like pepper vines – loads of humidity and rainfall and masses of hot sun.  It’s a steamy, sweaty place.  Like a niche estate wine, only 18 tonnes are grown on this 100 hectares plantation and no chemicals are used in the growing, processing or post-harvest processes, so while not organic they are free from nasties.  The rich volcanic soil creates flavours and aromas that are soft and refined with a delicate musky, mysterious perfume and lots of hot, African heat that lingers bitingly at the back of the throat. 

Penja peppers' production is very small – only 18 tons are harvested each year. It is grown in rich, volcanic soil which intensifies its oils and nutrients. 

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