Mexican Chillies (100g)

Ancho Chillies is a dried poblano chile and the most commonly used dried chilli in Mexico. Ancho Chillies are of a deep, reddish brown to black in colour.  They have mild heat, rich and sweet nutty flavours with hints of chocolate, coffee and woodiness.Essential for making sauces and moles. Crumbled, can be added to soups, stews and stir-fries. De Arbol chillies bring heat and smoky flavours to any dish. One of the favourite dishes to use when making salsas and sauces.

De Arbol Chillies originally from the region of Yahualica, Jalisco in Mexico. These chillies bring heat and smoky flavours to any dish. They are hot and easy to recognize for their beautiful bright red colour and long shape. The drying process enhances their slight nutty flavour. One of the favourite chillies to use when making fresh salsas and many traditional dishes.Use in chilli hot sauce, salsas, tacos, stir fry or roasted to diced and sprinkle over fruit. Also, blends seamlessly with soups and sautés.

Pasilla Chillies is the dried form of Chilaca chillies. Used mostly in sauces and has a mild to medium heat. The flavour is of berries and cocoa.

Guajillo Chillies are another favourite from Mexican cuisine. It has a bright flavour that combine spiciness, tanginess (like cranberry), a slight smokiness and the warm flavour of a ripe, juicy, sweet tomato. Widely used to make soups, salsas and rubs. Its pleasant flavour makes it ideal for using in many ways.

Mulato Chillies, together with Ancho and Pasilla chillies, form the holy trinity of dried chillies in Mexican cuisine. Mulato chillies are dried Poblano chillies. They have an incredibly beautiful scent, almost fruity and smoky. Flavour wise we can find chocolate, fruity and smoky flavours. With a moderate heat, it is an ideal dried chilli to use in many dishes where you want most of the flavour and less of the heat.

Amarillo Chillies (Yellow Chillies) are rare and the main ingredient to make Mole Amarillo Together with the black and red varieties, Amarillo Chilli or Chilhuacle Amarillo are slowly disappearing due to their high production costs. Amarillo Chillies are an essential ingredient for Mole Amarillo. Of a beautiful yellow/orange colour, Amarillo chillies are also used to make soups and pastes. Full of flavour and with a mild heat they are reserved for special occasions. Amarillo chillies are also a chilhuacle chilli together with the red and black variety. Chilhuacle chillies are slowly disappearing due to the high production cost and the traditional methods used to dry them.

Pasilla de Oaxaca Chillies are a rarer Mexican chile gaining in popularity among serious chile heads who enjoy it’s deep smoky flavor. In the hilly region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico these long pasilla chilles are smoked. The Pasilla Oaxaca possesses a bit less heat than the chipotle but twice the smokiness. Pasilla de Oaxaca is popular in vegetarian dishes with a rich smokiness that brings out a bacony ham flavor without the actual fatty meat. Also used in the famous “mole negro”, Latin style bean dishes, soups, sauces and in a regional favorite – reallenos.

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