Kampot Pepper Tin with 7 Whole Peppercorns & Blends

A stunning Kampot Pepper Tin with 7 Whole Peppercorns & Blends. 

The tin contains:

Black Kampot Pepper

Recognized as one of the best peppers in the world, Kampot's Black Pepper is grown traditionally and organically. Each corn has been selected one by one by hand at La Plantation to offer you the best quality. 

Red Kampot Pepper

Red Kampot Pepper is the flagship product of the PGI appellation. Each corn of Red Kampot Pepper is picked by hand. You will appreciate its incredible aroma when ground and its fruity and woody taste.

Flower of Salt Citrus Mix

White Kampot Pepper is one of the few peppers in the world to be produced from the full-grown red corns. Its subtle aroma and notes of citrus and eucalyptus seduce the great chefs and the amateurs.

Salted Kampot Pepper

Fresh Salted Pepper (Kampot IGP) is an exclusive production of La Plantation. Addictive from the first corn, the Fresh Salted Pepper from La Plantation is ready to consume. The privileged ones who had the chance to taste it have become crazy and crunch it from the aperitif to the dessert.

Flower of Salt Spicy Mix

A ready-to-use blend of Sun-dried Kampot Fleur de Sel with Kampot Pepper and ground spices. To use directly to sublimate a red meat, a fish, a foie gras, a salad or as in Cambodia with pineapple. Some crystals sprinkled on a plate, just before serving, add a delicate flavor of spices.

Flower of Salt Citrus Mix

As one of the most aromatic of all herbs, Kaffir lime leaves brings an elegant citrus flavor to recipes. Sprinkle some crystals of this unique mix on roasted chicken, steamed or grilled fish before serving.

Flower of Salt Smoky Mix

A ready-to-use spice blend of Kampot's Flower of Salt with Smoked Sweet Long Chili, Black Kampot Pepper, Dried Garlic and little Bird Chili. The slight smoky taste brings a distinctive aroma and a delicate flavor.

Kampot Pepper

Often regarded as the world’s most popular spice, the humble pepper is often used without much attention to its origins or flavour nuances. Freshly ground, cracked or just plain whole, the spice is integral to almost every cuisine across the world and chefs will no doubt agree, that some of the world’s best pepper comes from Cambodia. With quite a turbulent history during the Khmer Rouge where most of the country’s pepper plantations were nearly wiped out, the industry has had a resounding bounce back to not only producing some of the best peppercorns on the planet, but also being awarded a Protected Geographical Indication, meaning that what is claimed as being Kampot Pepper, is, well and truly, the real stuff.

Hailing from the Kampot and Kep provinces, around 90 miles south of Phnom Penh, Kampot Pepper comes in three varieties – Black, Red and White. The berries are picked, sorted, cleaned and stored all by hand, ensuring only the highest quality makes it to your table.

 The heady, aromatic black pepper is picked as soon as the berries mature, turning green to yellow and then dried in the sun. With its fruity nose, the black pepper has a gentle heat that accentuates slowly, with a delicate lingering floral palate, reminiscent of cloves and eucalyptus.

The slightly fruitier red pepper is left to mature on the vine until the berry turns bright red, before being picked and left to dry. The palate here is a joyful tingle of red fruit, dates and honey and is well suited for salads, fruits and desserts.

For the white Kampot pepper, the red berries are soaked in water and then washed to remove the outer hull, leaving just the white centre which is then dried slowly in the sun to produce the signature white pepper. The aroma of the white pepper is often regarded as having a delicate menthol note, whilst on the palate it opens to reveal eucalyptus, citrus and rosemary. Best suited for salad dressings, fish and poultry, Kampot white pepper is just what your kitchen needs.

La Plantation

Founded by Guy & Nathalie, a Franco-Belgian couple in 2013, La Plantation is a family, social and sustainable project often recognised as the flagship farm of the Kampot Pepper PGI. The certified organic farms also operate on a Fair Trade ethos with careful attention to welfare of the local community through several outreach programmes, employment and education.

Using their previous experience  in IT, Guy & Nathalie have transformed La Plantation into an hub of production, tourism and innovation with the peppers picked, processed and packed all on site, ensuring the highest standards in quality. Tradition, too, is not overlooked here and the pepper benefits from its unique terroir whilst the cultivationis still carried out in the traditional way by hand, using  natural fertilisers & pest repellents whilst hand harvesting and sorting ensures the product is always at its highest standard. Technology plays an important role as well at La Plantation to assist in strict compliance with international hygiene and food safety regulations as well as quality control.

In 2017, they launched the Salted Kampot Pepper, a new and innovative product gracing the kitchens of 3 star Michelin chefs around the world. Salted Kampot Pepper follows a complex fermentation process with Kampot salt for two years, preserving the fruity, earthy taste of the berry whilst removing some of the pungency. The resulting taste is bursting with umami and a juicy, crunchy texture that you’ll not want to be without ever again. In addition to the peppers, La Plantation also produces Flowers of Salt. Better known as the French Fleur de Sel, Flowers of Salt is a salt that forms as a thin delicate crust on the surface of seawater during the evaporation process. Named after the flower-like crystals that form in the salt crust, this is a beautiful, light and crunchy finishing salt with a delicate salinity far superior to regular sea salt.

La Plantation are not only the largest employer in the region, but also the most socially responsible. The workers all receive Fair Trade wages, medical insurance, 3 meals a day and continuous training. A lot of the staff also live in modern accommodation on site and help the farm in working towards being carbon neutral through renewable energy projects.

All of these factors put together make up the reasons why we chose La Plantation as our partner and supplier. It’s not enough to have a great product, but to also ensure that the community that is responsible for that product is looked after in as many ways as possible and are paid a fair wage so that we can offer you a superior product without guilt.


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