Baby Spice Kitchen Spice Tin - Introduce Your Kids to Spice With Our Brand New Spice Collection

Baby Spice Tin Tin with 7 spice blends. Stainless steel storage tin, 7 different high-quality spice blends, 7 removable tins, each spice in a resealable packet.

Metal spoon included for accurate measures. All the blends in one tin needed to create baby-friendly recipes.  

“The ultimate go-to kitchen companion for parents who want to introduce their kids to a world of flavour” ~ Ani_cooks 


Introduce your kids to spice with this beautifully gentle collection of blends and reduce food going from fork to floor for good!

The perfect kitchen companion to your Baby-Led Weaning journey. Tantalise their little taste buds and introduce them to exciting flavours early on.

Enjoy meals as a family! The days of sacrificing the flavours you love at family mealtimes are gone; these blends are ideal for weaning babies or creating quick, flavoursome meals for toddlers/kids.

We have partnered with baby-led weaning experts such as mylittlefoodcritic and Zainab Jagot Ahmed to bring you a free guide with nourishing and flavoursome14 recipes that cover lunch, dinner, pudding, and sweet and savoury snacks.

Our Baby Spice Kitchen Tin comes with 7 blends that have been specifically and carefully created for the younger palette. Free from salt, sugar and chilli. 


A great gift for new parents


Spoil someone special and give them their own wonderfully personalised spice tin. Makes a unique and thoughtful gift for new parents, or anyone wishing to introduce their child to new and exciting flavours. Give them the perfect unique gift. 


"I bought this as a present for a friend to try it out with her kids. What a success, she and her family love it and keep letting me know which country/spice they have cooked with using the map/stickers enclosed. The recipes are easy to do for both kids and parents and not spicy/hot so delicious for all. A great present especially during covid times when we need more creative ways to keep the family engaging in a fun and creative way!" ~ Nina Jameson


Why you’ll love it  


•   Free recipe guide with lots of quick and easy dishes as well as our family favourites   

•   A FREE, fun and educational Baby Spice world map with stickers for you and your child to complete together. Enjoy a spice from each country on the map to win the superstar badge.

•   Handmade in the UK with love

•   Every sari wrap is hand sewn and beautifully vibrant 

•   Every time you buy a spice tin, you are helping to ensure a schoolchild receives a nutritious meal in the UK and India 

•   Spice blends are made fresh in small batches here in the UK 

•   A great gift for the budding foodie or an experienced chef! 

•   Carefully packaged to ensure no bumps and dents along the way 

•   Looks gorgeous in your kitchen


Option to purchase tin with silk sari wrap.


Spice Kitchen is:

•   Family-owned, family-run 

•   Ethically sourced 

•   Handmade




You will receive 7 beautiful blends specifically crafted for the younger palette:

•   Indian - perfect for curries, dals, rice, scrambled eggs, kebabs

•   Moroccan - perfect for soups, tagines, couscous, dips

•   Mexican - perfect for fajitas, wedges, burritos, frittata

•   Italian - perfect for pizza, pasta, risotto, stews, meatballs, steamed vegetables

•   Cajun - perfect for chicken, pork, soups, wraps, chillies

•   Caribbean - perfect for root veg, chicken, fish, fritters

•   Gingerbread - perfect cookies, porridge, pancakes, muffins, cakes, milkshakes, brownies


Features and benefits 


•   Blends are freshly made in small batches and then sealed for optimum freshness and flavour

•   Outer storage tin is 19cm stainless steel with a perspex lid to ensure freshness

•   Seven removable smaller tins for convenience and a small metal spoon for accurate dispensing

•   Selected and mixed the old-fashioned way

•   Refills available at affordable prices, in varying quantities

•   No additives, artificial flavouring or preservatives: just a quality guarantee from our family to yours

•   Ideal gift for yourself or any new parent who wishes to introduce their child to new flavours 

•   Perfect as a gift for Christmas, Birthdays, or Father’s/Mother’s Day.

•   Durable stainless steel Indian spice tin for use and for storage and display. The ribbed lid helps to retain the freshness of the spices, and the tin is also dishwasher safe

•   Option to purchase tin without silk sari wrap 

      Standard £0.00–£9.99 £3.99
      Next Day £10.00 and up £7.50
      First Class £10.00 and up £4.99
      Free Second Class £10.00 and up Free

      Help end food poverty in the UK and India. 

      Spice Kitchen is delighted to be partnering with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, who are doing incredible work in helping to feed school children in India, as well as those affected by homelessness in the UK. 

      When you buy a Spice Kitchen spice tin or set, we will donate a % of the money to help fight malnourishment and end the poverty cycle forever.  

      Find out more about the incredible work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at

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