Asafitida / Asafoetida 50g

50g Spice Kitchen Asafitida

Asafoetida is frequently used as a staple ingredient in both Indian and Middle Eastern cooking.

It is well known for being a very pungent spice that provides a fuller flavour to a wide variety of vegetable and lentil dishes.

Asoefitda – also known as Hing – tends to be used very sparingly due to its potent smell. So when you come to use it in your cooking, remember a little goes a long way, because even the smallest amount can transform your dishes.

In addition, it is a handy spice for those who won't or can't eat garlic or onions, as many people consider that it mimics the flavour of these ingredients perfectly. What's more, those using spices for medicinal purposes will traditionally introduce this spice to help aid digestion.

Interesting facts

Asoefitda was used as a spice in ancient Rome, and although not native to India, it has been used in Indian medicine and cookery for ages. It was believed that asafoetida enhanced singers voices. In the days of the Mughal aristocracy, the court singers if Agra and Delhi would eat a spoonful of asafoetida with butter and practice on the banks of the river Yamuna.


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