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Grains and Seeds (250g)

We are so excited to be partnering with best-selling author and all-round sourdough authority Elaine Boddy of foodbod Sourdough, to bring you this excitingly wholesome range of grains and seeds.

Elaine uses these products herself and has therefore hand chosen them to ensure their quality and in the full knowledge that they work so well in her recipes, as well as on their own in dishes or as snacks.

Her range of grains and seeds are beautifully simple, and will easily integrate into your daily diet as snacks or as part of your recipes. 


Elaine says:
“Grains are a great love of mine, I regularly eat them as a base for many meals, as well as adding them to my sourdough loaves and rolls. Dough loves grains, it always grows beautifully with the added boost of grains, and they add a lovely chew to any bread.”

Full details on how to cook and use these grains are in Elaine’s book, Whole Grain Sourdough at Home.

Top tip: try any of these grains as an alternative to rice or pasta.

Choose from 250g bags of the following grains: 

Einkorn is the oldest known of the ancient/heritage grains. The actual grains are smaller than the others, with great flavour and chew when cooked.

Emmer is also considered one of the earliest grains used to make bread. It is slightly nutty and wonderfully wholesome, whether used as a flour or whole grain.

Khorasan (often seen under the brand name kamut) grains are bigger than the others in our range. They are yellow and smooth and have a nutty flavour.

Spelt is the youngest of the ancient grains, but still ancient. The grains themselves are a bit bigger that emmer and einkorn, and therefore with a great chew and texture.

Quinoa is a seed often thought to be a grain. It is gluten free and protein packed, and a great addition to any meal or dough.

Jumbo Oats


Elaine says:
“I love seeds, in, or over, pretty much anything to be honest, I add them to breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and I particularly love them in bread! I make many loaves or rolls packed with seeds. This selection of seeds includes my favourites, you’ll find recipes for including them in, or on, loaves in my book, Whole Grain Sourdough at Home, plus details of how to roast them to really enhance the flavour.”

Top tip: roast a tray full of seeds ahead of time and have them ready to go for any occasion.

Choose from 250g bags of the following seeds: 

Pumpkin Seeds 

Sunflower Seeds 

Brown Linseeds/Flaxseeds 

Allergen warning: do note some of these products contain Gluten and may contain Nuts......

All products will come in their own individually packed and sealed bags to retain goodness and freshness and avoid spillage during transit.

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Next Day £10.00 and up £7.50
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Help end food poverty in the UK and India. 

Spice Kitchen is delighted to be partnering with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, who are doing incredible work in helping to feed school children in India, as well as those affected by homelessness in the UK. 

When you buy a Spice Kitchen spice tin or set, we will donate a % of the money to help fight malnourishment and end the poverty cycle forever.  

Find out more about the incredible work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at www.tapf.org.uk

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