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Shikha is the star behind mylittlefoodcritic.

Having always enjoyed cooking, when she started weaning her son she became very away of the impact of processed foods, artificial sweeteners, refined flours and sugars present in so many ‘staple’ daily foods.

She uses her platform to share realistic and healthy food ideas for toddlers that the whole family can enjoy.

Shika explains: 

“I have always been keen to expose my son to a range of flavours and spices and he has enjoyed spices since the beginning of his weaning journey! Providing nutritious, varied and wholesome home-cooked food is key in establishing and maintaining good eating habits from an early age.

I love tantalising my son's taste buds with exciting flavours and textures and sharing my love of real, home-cooked food with our family. This marries perfectly with the range of vibrant and delicious baby spices - they are a fantastic way to expose your little ones to a range of flavours and expand their palettes!"

You’ve got to check out mylittlefoodcritic new App! Shika shares tonnes of new content weekly, perfect allergy/dietary swaps, amazing meal plans, incredible recipes and much, much more. Hit the link to explore:

Shikha's Gift Bundles:

Baby Spice Collection
Introduce your kids to spice with our range of child-friendly spices (all free from salt, sugar or chilli). THE perfect way to get your kids to try food from around the world. Need inspiration? Download mylittlefoodcritic app for tonnes of gorgeous kid friendly recipes:

Baby Spice Tin
Introduce your little ones to spice with this beautifully gentle collection of spice blends (no salt, sugar or chilli) and reduce food going from fork to floor for good!

The Baby Spice Tin is the perfect kitchen companion to mylittlefoodcritic. Tantalise their little taste buds and introduce them to exciting flavours early on.

What's more you can enjoy meals as a family. The days of sacrificing the flavours you love at family mealtimes are gone; these blends are ideal for weaning babies or creating quick, flavoursome meals for toddlers/kids.

Standard £0.00–£9.99 £3.99
Next Day £10.00 and up £7.50
First Class £10.00 and up £4.99
Free Second Class £10.00 and up Free

Help end food poverty in the UK and India. 

Spice Kitchen is delighted to be partnering with The Akshaya Patra Foundation, who are doing incredible work in helping to feed school children in India, as well as those affected by homelessness in the UK. 

When you buy a Spice Kitchen spice tin or set, we will donate a % of the money to help fight malnourishment and end the poverty cycle forever.  

Find out more about the incredible work of The Akshaya Patra Foundation at

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