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Professional Tandoor Kebab Skewers - 60cm long, 8mm wide (Square)

Specially manufactured for large BBQs, tandoor ovens and rotisseries. We are the leading supplier of high quality skewers, used in many top restaurants, catering companies, kebab shops and people who like to BBQ!

  • 60cm  in length (total) with a pointed metal end (other end is sheered and filed, there is no handle or curved end)
  • Ideal for use with a BBQ or Tandoor
  • Made of Stainless steel with an 8mm diameter.
  • Made to last (I have used my set for over 10 years and counting)
  • With a round design they allow the meat to not slip and also allows the meat to cook from the inside out
  • Can supply in larger numbers, bulk and discounts will be applied and collection can be arranged also.

Category: BBQ, retail, Skewers

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