Curry Leaves from Kenya

November 05, 2013 1 Comment

Curry Leaves from Kenya

I am really pleased with our new import of curry leaves from Kenya which is one of the spices available for you to buy online in the UK through our website. Both of my parents were born in Kenya and we still have a family home where my uncles live in a small town called Eldoret in West Kenya, near the Ugandan border. Many years ago we got an off cutting of a tree in my uncles garden and we managed (with difficulty) to keep is alive and healthy in its first few years of life. It is now growing well and fast here in the UK, with amazing leaves and an incredible smell.

This is still a young plant though and so we have had to contact our family back in Kenya to get a new overhaul of leaves, as our tree was not producing enough leaves for the many spice tins and spice refills we sell. We were actually surprised to find that they do not export curry leaves out of Kenya, and in fact there is very little use in the local market also (curry leaves are not used in African cooking).

So with some searching we have found someone who is able to export these leaves to us, meeting our high standards and ensuring that no preservatives or fertisilers are used in the growth of the trees. We are also importing these leaves fresh and not dried, and then carefully drying the leaves ourselves in the UK. This presents lots of challenges but today we were very excited to receive our first load of leaves. We were extremely impressed with what we received and it is by far and away the highest quality curry leaves we have ever seen, let alone seen sold in the UK market. If you look closely at what you receive from other suppliers, many of the leaves are small, brown and often infected with parasites (you will see holes in the leaves). The best test is the smell though and often leaves have no smell when dried, mainly because this has been done in large commercial dryers which take the water and the oils out of the leaves.

We will challenge anyone to find better curry leaves in the market, if they do let us know and we will give you some free spices for your troubles in return for info on where they have come from!



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PS This is my first blog post (and maybe last if people hate it). Go easy on me, I am no writer!


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Deena Kakaya
Deena Kakaya

November 12, 2013

Hello! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful curry leaves with me. I used them for some mass cooking and a little went a long way! Needless to say that this is a sign of fresh and good quality curry leaves. Wonderful stuff, thanks again x

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